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6469 Battlefield Pkwy

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All Wines are Georgia Winery Wine



Awaken your tastebuds with this seductively intense expression of deep berry sweetness that melts in your mouth

Blackberry Blush


a unique combination of juicy, golden muscadines and ripe blackberries give this blush a taste of true southern summertime

Blueberry Blush


Sun-warmed blueberries and mouthwatering muscadines marry perfectly in this flowing drama of lively fruit 

Cabernet Sauvignon


Dry wine. Aged in French & Hungarian Oak , Black plum & cherry



Dry wine. Un-oaked and velvety smooth, this crisp chardonnay has tones of citrus. Brighten your day with a glass of chardonnay

Chattanooga Blush


A lush and lively combination of three grape varieties. This sweet flirty blush is just as delightful as the Scenic City for which it is named.



Superbly rich and fruity, this easy to drink wine explodes with juicy grape goodness. A sweet and smooth expression of full ripe fruit.

Black Cherry Pie


DeChaunac Grapes and Black Cherries swirled together to create this one of a kind wine

Georgia on My Mind


A heavenly blend of two of Georgia's finest fruits, juicy muscadines and velvety Peaches!

Homestead Red


Dry wine. 100% Dechaunac grape with a unique taste and delicate touch.



Elegant red is perfect for new dry wine drinkers!



Enjoy with sweet, smooth wine that tastes just like eating fresh muscadines straight off of the vine, delivering the true character of the grape and of the land.



Indulge in this silky-smooth wine that bursts with refreshing sweetness and lush honeysuckle aroma

Patty's Port


Port wine that is organic red muscadine with a muscadine brandy



Smooth, refined, and very much a southern gentleman. This dashingly sophisticated semi-sweet white wine is the perfect dinner companion.

Strawberry Blush


A blend of muscadines and strawberry



Dry wine. Notes of subtle apricot combined with crisp and clean tastes to capture a wine full of finesse and precision.

Southern Sangaria


A blend of muscadines, blackberries, and blueberries.

Tail Gate Red


Deliciously sweet, yet robust. Tail Gate Red is the perfect blend of Concord and Dechaunac grapes.

Tara Bella


Known for its exquisite flavor, this southern specialty grape, the white muscadine, is sure to please those who prefer a semi-sweet wine.

Georgia Winery

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6469 battlefield pkwy, ringgold, ga 30736

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