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Kung Fu Tea

Serving up many varieties of bubble tea also known as boba tea or boba, get yours delivered today!

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(423) 591 -9632

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Real tea leaves, brewed to perfection every 3 hours with Kung Fu Tea's signature 7-step method

Kung fu tea

Choice of Black, Green, or Oolong Tea

Kung fu honey tea

Winter melon tea

Winter melon green tea

Honey tea

Choice of Black, Green, or Oolong Tea

Longan jujube tea

This drink mixes longan, red date with water. It is known to be relaxing and can help with anxiety and insomnia. Natural & sweet.

Milk Cap Tea

These drinks put a milk cap cover on the base of the classic series. It is subtly salty and creamy, bringing a dessert element to your drink!

Winter melon tea cap

Honey tea cap

Choice of Black, Green, or Oolong Tea

Jujube tea milk cap

Sunshine pineapple tea cap

Matcha milk cap

Cocoa cream wow

Milk Tea

Tea + Milk Powder + Kung Fu Technique + Amazing

Kung fu milk tea

Choice of Black, Green, or Oolong Tea with non-dairy milk. It is Tawanese style with a subtle tea flavor. Want tea without the strong taste? Look no further.

Thai milk tea

Taro milk tea

Choice of Black or Green Tea

Almond milk tea

Coconut milk tea

This drink mixes coconut flavor, non-dairy milk, black tea and water. It gives off a fair tea taste. Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fiber.

Honey milk tea

Choice of Black, Green, or Oolong Tea

Winter melon milk green tea

This drink is made with winter melon syrup, non-dairy milk powder and jasmine green tea. Winter melon is a delicious fruit grown on a vine.

Rosehip milk tea

Milk Strike

The ultimate pick-me-up for your morning routine! Lactose-free milk with different flavors.

Chai milk strike

Ginger milk strike

Matcha milk strike

Wow milk strike

Featuring house-made bubbles & Lactaid

Original milk strike

Red bean milk strike

Oreo milk strike

Herbal jelly milk strike

Kung Fu Tea

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50 frazier ave suite 200, chattanooga, tn 37405

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Sunday: 12:00pm - 7:30pm

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Yogurt Tea

Featuring Yakult probiotics and freshly-squeezed juices

Yogurt green tea

Yogurt grapefruit tea

Yogurt orange tea


Freeze your thirst with our craft ice blends. Available in Medium ($5.99) and Large ($6.90)


A refreshing twist with some of your favorite fruits. Available in Medium ($5.00) or Large ($5.99).

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